Halloween Party Prep!

Yes, it’s August, but it’s also less than 3 months away from my favorite holiday: HALLOWEEN! What better way to start my summer (and birthday month) than to begin planning the theme of our annual Halloween Party. Ballots were cast and it was decided “Whatever Jen Wants To Do” was the decision. Well, I obviously went with the theme that would lend itself to the most innovative and creative display. Therefore, our theme was voted as <insert drum roll here> “Sinful Sideshow”. Pretty much a Creepy Circus but without the abundance of clowns so as to not scare away anyone with clown phobias. Ironically, the new American Horror Story season is ‘Freakshow’. We are just SOOOOO trendy!

Here are some of the posters I came up with after photoshopping some old and new elements together to make some creepy and sinful posters for the entrance (our main decor area).

Next comes all the fun purchasing of the items that will REALLY being this to life and all the little details. Oh, and my not so favorite part: the mechanics of getting some fun elements to work…..


Workings of My Halloween Costume

Normally I begin working on my Halloween costume in May, but this year, I got started a little bit later than I had hoped. Wanting to focus more on the overall character rather than the costume itself, I had a very hard choice to make. One of my favorite movies being The Labyrinth, I couldn’t help but think how iconic Sarah’s outfit is and Toby’s striped onesie is. So, without any further delay, I chose…..dut dut dah! Sarah!


Her overall costume is a billowy blouse and vest with straight leg jeans, a pair of loafers, and her hair clipped back. I found a blouse and vest at Goodwill for about $6 total. I have the jeans and loafers already. Since I have short hair I’ll need to get a wig, which I found online for only $7.99.

One extra thing I am going to add is a cute little character from the movie: the worm!

Labyrinth-WormI wanted to make a pin to sit on my shoulder from the movie out of clay and other mixed mediums. Take a look at him (without the scarf, that’s coming).


The final addition to my costume will be a baby doll dressed in the iconic red and white striped onesie of Toby. Pics to come!


Walk Like An Egyptian…..Halloween Style!


This year I decided upon the fabulous inspiration of Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra for my Halloween costume. I loved the gold dress and headpiece she wore when she entered Rome halfway through the film. It was stunning! Here I’ve recreated the look, without the shawl and round sundisk and tall feather head extensions. I decided I didn’t want to have to worry about hitting door frames all night long and instead, made just the bottom part of the headdress, which still turned out great. I don’t want to give all my secrets to the outfit away, but the headdress is made from felt, fabric, glitter, faux stones, old jewelry, oven bake clay, and lots of fabric glue. The top was an old prom top with pieces of fabric glued onto it and the skirt was made from scratch simply by measuring my waist in elastic and sewing gold fabric at the desired length to the elastic. Gold shoes and some accessories completed the look!

Half Werewolf Half Man!

This is Bret’s costume we created for the party. We distressed half of his cheep plaid Walmart shirt and sale GAP jeans with some sandpaper and scissors. A bit of dirty makeup, mascara to accent his hair, and creamy red blood did the trick. A pair of creepy fangs cut in half and voila: he’s a transitioning werewolf! Total cost about $35!

Halloween Costume 2011!

A red dress, patent leather pumps, and wide belt were all hidden beneath the classic ‘Red Riding Hood’ cape for my Halloween costume this year! Only this Red Riding Hood was not to be messed with. A basket holding the 7 foot pelt of my slain werewolf with glowing eyes completed the outfit! The wolf and pelt were handmade, so was the cape. Next year will be hard to top!