Homemade Christmas Ornament

A homemade Christmas ornament that is a miniature of my grandparents house. I made one for my parents house last year and thought it would be nice to do it this year for them. It’s sculpted from polymer clay baked in an oven, then painted with acrylic paint. It’s still drying and waited to be sealed with matte spray poly.



Christmas Gift!

Christmas Gift!

I saw a version of a custom ornament on Pinterest and just had to try out the idea myself. So I went on Google Maps and picked out my Dad’s house so I wouldn’t have to ask him for a photo and spoil the surprise. I printed out a small and large picture as a starting point and found some Sculpey in my studio. I kneaded the clay into an oval base and sketched out the outline of the house and in my head decided what elements to include since the photo didn’t have their beautiful hydrangeas or elephant plants in the flowerbeds outfront. Next, I started painstakingly working from the background forward to create a sense of depth with the roof pieces, columns and windows, and at the end, the flowers and stairs to the front door. Once it was done, I baked it and painted it with acrylic paint. A clear coat of sealer will make it last for years to come! I think it turned out adorable!