The Holidays Are Coming!

From an image on Pinterest comes our amazing new ornament topiaries. Inspired by topiaries you can buy online, my mom and I decided to create our own for out front. All in all, here is the breakdown of the cost: (2) $6 large balls from Home Depot, (2 ) $4 medium ornaments from Home Depot, (3) $1 open style ornaments from the Dollar Tree and (1) $1 pack of small ornaments from the Dollar Tree. We had the greenery, glitter sticks, gold twigs, miscellaneous medium balls, old curtain rods spray painted red (even had red spray paint) and red plastic urn containers from our old traditional topiaries. Each topiary only cost about $24 when you see these online for about $100. Not bad huh?! More projects to come!

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Poster contest submission

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I’m going to make a conscious effort to post more regularly.

This is a design for a poster contest which I’ll be submitting in the next few days. It’s not entirely finished but almost there!




Workings of My Halloween Costume

Normally I begin working on my Halloween costume in May, but this year, I got started a little bit later than I had hoped. Wanting to focus more on the overall character rather than the costume itself, I had a very hard choice to make. One of my favorite movies being The Labyrinth, I couldn’t help but think how iconic Sarah’s outfit is and Toby’s striped onesie is. So, without any further delay, I chose…..dut dut dah! Sarah!


Her overall costume is a billowy blouse and vest with straight leg jeans, a pair of loafers, and her hair clipped back. I found a blouse and vest at Goodwill for about $6 total. I have the jeans and loafers already. Since I have short hair I’ll need to get a wig, which I found online for only $7.99.

One extra thing I am going to add is a cute little character from the movie: the worm!

Labyrinth-WormI wanted to make a pin to sit on my shoulder from the movie out of clay and other mixed mediums. Take a look at him (without the scarf, that’s coming).


The final addition to my costume will be a baby doll dressed in the iconic red and white striped onesie of Toby. Pics to come!


Chair Revamp!

I’ve had this rattan chair from TJMaxx (bought for around $40.00) for about 10 years and finally decided it was time for a little revamp. It doesn’t really match any of the d├ęcor in the house anymore so with a bit of spray paint & scrap fabric I’ve reupholstered it and given it new life! The fabric was I think $2.00 from Hobby Lobby and the spraypaint we already had from another project around the house.

If you want to do a similar project, here’s how I did it.



1. Remove the seat/cushion. This was done with a Phillips head screwdriver. Unfortunately I ran into a few stripped screws which I removed with some pliers. Took forever. But was worth it.

2. Grab your handy staple gun. Lay out the fabric on a clean surface making sure to line up the fabric (if it has a direction to it) and staple first at the top, then at the bottom. One is enough. You just want to get the fabric where you want it. Next do either side.

3. Slowly work your way around the cushion, pulling taut, and stapling along the way.

4. Cut away the excess fabric and tada! Redone cushion.

Cushion DONE

Cushion DONE

5. You can see the blue tape on the chair at this point. Since it was rattan, some of the straps were unraveling so I glued them down.

6. After they were dry, I took the frame outside and gave it a good coat of purple paint. I set it on 2 pieces of wood so it was above the blades of the grass. Next, I turned it upside down to get the entire chair. Make sure to leave no place unpainted! This will lead to a more professional look.

7. Bring the frame back inside and reattach the cushions. If you’re worried next time you unscrew the bottom, the screws will be stripped, I recommend going ahead and purchasing new screws. Wood ones from Home Depot do the trick. It will save you time if you decide to give the chair a facelift in the future!

8. Now you’re finished! I may add an accent pillow later on, but now it’s my dogs favorite perch to look outside!



Distressed Trunk Overhaul


My 2 matching Pottery Barn trunks in my bedroom were looking very drab, so I decided to give them an aged look. If you decide to do this effect, here are some supplies.

– furniture to distress (make sure it’s clean & dusted well!)

-spray paint (yes, spray paint in whatever color you want, I suggest Rustoleum because it has a long life)

-spray sealer (I used gloss, but you can pick matte or satin if you want)

-sanding blocks (the foam things with sandpaper on 4 sides)

-tea lights (or other candles you don’t mind destroying)

-rag (to dust off the furniture between the aging process and seal coat)

-well ventillated place to do it, with dropcloths if you need (I always spray in the same place outside but raisted the pieces off the grass with scrap wood)

I started with my Pottery Barn trunks (2 of them) that were both carved wood with detail. I thought they were a little boring being just wood so I decided to add some distressed color.

I started with my Pottery Barn trunks (2 of them) that were both carved wood with detail. I thought they were a little boring being just wood so I decided to add some distressed color.

To bring out the deails and make it easier for me to sand, I used candle wax from tealights to act as a resist to the spray paint. Don’t bother wasting a good candle! One of these was enough for both of my trunks.

Here you can see the details that I wanted to bring out. I used a tealight to go over all the straight edges and rubbed it across all the high detailed parts.


Use your choice of spray paint and start with the edges first then “color in” using an even sweeping motion back and forth until each side has been painted. Make sure you don’t get too close (causing too much paint to get on the piece or you will get drips!) The painted trunk (a robin’s egg blue) before being distressed. It was a pretty color and if I wasn’t distressing the trunk, I would’ve done another coat, but one is enough for the distressing look. I’ll explain why spray paint instead of acrylic or latex later. Make sure this is completely dry before beginning the next step!


I like using the sanding blocks, they work great! Take the sanding block and go over the entire trunk. It’s easiest to do work on one side at a time and turn the trunk around as needed. Carefully take away as little or as much paint as you want. Wherever you rubbed the tealight wax, as you sand, it heats it up and takes it away. Voila! An aged piece of furniture!


In order to seal the distressed look, I decided to go with a glossy coat of clear spray sealer and to my surprise it added another dimension of age. First, dust off the entire thing really well then you can begin with the gloss. After doing a coat on the first trunk, I noticed a cracking surface begin to take shape! I think by sanding the spray paint, the sealer got beneath the paint and made this amazing crackle effect! The trunk is still sealed and If I wanted to I could go back with a brown glaze to bring out the cracks. For now, I am leaving it like this.


Here you can see the crackle effect forming. It really looks like a legit piece of aged furniture!